City of Henderson Ward II Councilman Announces LID Bond Sales Savings Summary
September 19th, 2017

Dan Shaw, City of Henderson Ward II councilman, is sharing the following information with his constituents in Ward II:

Below is the final savings summary for each of the Local Improvement District (LID) bond sales for the Anthem and Madeira Canyon residents that were conducted in August 2017. The average parcel in Anthem will have its remaining assessments reduced by about $350 through maturity for each of the 3,292 parcels, and the average parcel in Madeira Canyon will see a reduction of nearly $1,300 for each of the 1,369 parcels.

Due to favorable market conditions, both bond refunds had higher savings than earlier estimates.

T-14 (Anthem)

  • Avg. Refunded Bond Rate: 5.01%
  • Refunding Bond Rate: 2.20%
  • Net Present Value Savings: $990,017 (7.4%)

T-17 (Madeira Canyon)

  • Avg. Refunded Bond Rate: 4.99%
  • Refunding Bond Rate: 2.40%
  • Net Present Value Savings: $988,053 (8.4%)


Councilman Dan Shaw represents Ward II in the City of Henderson, Nev.

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